CONFLICT!!  We too often have conflict with someone that we wish we could settle and do so in a fair, peaceable and inexpensive way.  Bridge of Hope’s Extended Services enables parties to resolve and reconcile their issues with a Biblical focus through our Mediation Services.  The process will allow the parties to:

  • Avoid expensive attorney fees as well as drawn out contention and prolonged anxiety

  • Promote workable outcomes with constructive dialogue


Furthermore, the mediation process will not:

  • Create dissension by blame or fault

  • Be a formal fact finder to shame either party


The mediation process provides a biblical view of peacefully engaging and resolving a dispute, conflict or disagreement. All settlements are reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney.

The straightforward process is as follows:

  • The Mediator has 3 sessions with each party

  • Completion can be completed within a month

  • Fee is $1,000 paid in advance. Payment may be split between the parties; nonrefundable

  • The Process will begin when parties agree to meet and payment is made.



I have realized in my many years in counseling that often a dispute can be settled out of court. Most people really want a peaceful ending rather than pointing fingers and digging up dirt to win. These court situations too often have two losers, thousands of dollars lost and eternal pain. Our focus is on the quickest, least expensive and most fair outcome for all concerned.

Dr. Fabing is available to mediate with interested parties to begin peacefully resolving your conflict in a Biblical manner.  He can be reached to discuss your specific needs at 573-701-9861.