Hope Institute


Dr. Fabing realized over fifty years ago that Christians had few options to become trained caregivers. They were too often put in situations in which they were not equipped to effectively help others.  Bridge of Hope Ministries has made it our goal to present Biblical concepts for training, teaching and counseling for restoration of the spirit, soul and body.

Hope Institute prepares Christians through a series of nine courses designed to guide those who are called to help others and for those who seek the deeper things of God.  Biblical preaching and teaching seldom has follow-up with those who need more help in their life.

These courses will prepare the individual on how to use the Word of God along with practical techniques to intervene and overcome problems. It provides a lifetime of valuable resources for counseling.  Each course was specifically developed as a result to fill the unfulfilled needs in people’s lives.  The courses are comparable to college courses with questions/responses for accountability.  These courses are low cost and enable you to complete them at your own pace.  Upon completion a certificate of completion is given to the graduate.  

Hope Institute 9 course outlines:

Practical Intervention-Foundational Course

  • Practical Intervention:  This course was developed to understand how to overcome our sin nature and human behavior.


The Ministry Series

  • Advanced Training:  In depth information to help in understanding specific care concerns.  Provides tools and techniques. For example, how to resolve conflicts.

  • Evangelism:  How to Study, Mentor & Minister:  The full range of ministry is taught:  presenting the gospel, development of study concepts, overseeing the mentoring process and understanding leadership skills in ministry.

  • Biblical Care Concepts:  Learning how to deal with dysfunction, enhancing listening skills, developing counseling performance objectives and understanding concepts of giving good care.

  • Temperament / Understanding and Application:  Understanding of temperaments in regard to behavior and practical application will be taught.  Blending strengths and weaknesses will be explained to teach why one thinks and responds the way they do.


The Relationship Series

  • God's Call to Manhood:  A review of his role in God's eyes with focus on identity, finance, emotions, conflict, health, fathering and leadership.

  • God's Call to Womanhood:  A review of her role in God's eyes and her worthiness including health, fears, shame and identity.

  • Divorce Recovery / Single Parenting / Blended Families:  This is a study to better understand how to minister to the pain and needs of those who have experienced divorce, single parenting and blended families.

  • Nurturing Long Lasting, Healthy & Loving Relationships & Marriages:  Learn about healing emotional wounds, creating boundaries, understanding dysfunctional beliefs, codependency, how the past affects us and honest intimacy.

Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling

Dr. Fabing has written a premier resource to prepare pastors to counsel people experiencing hardship and hurting and bring them healing.  He calls this "The best little counseling book in the world". It provides a practical “how to” approach which brings results for the counseled.  It is available in book or audio format.

Book Contents

Unit I: An Introduction To Pastoral


Chapter 1: The Basics of Counseling

Chapter 2: The Ministry of


Chapter 3: Organizing the Counseling



Unit II: Developing Counseling Skills

Chapter 4: Concerns & Specific Areas

                   of Counseling

Chapter 5: The Basics of Counseling

                   and Stress

Chapter 6: Learning How to Counsel

The Missing Link: Temperament

Audio Sessions

Disc 01: Introduction: How Jesus Counseled

Disc 02: Ministry of Encouragement

Disc 03: Organizing the Counseling Effort

Disc 04: Concerns of Counseling

Disc 05: Basics of Counseling

Disc 06: Learning How to Counsel

Disc 07: The Local Church

Disc 08: Stages of Counseling

Disc 09: Crisis Intervention

Disc 10: How to Modify Behavior

Disc 11:  Communication Skill

Disc 12:  Understanding Temperament