Counseling Methodology

Our counseling methods focus on the whole being of the person, that is, their spirit, mind, will, emotion, and body. We use a detailed temperament profile which identifies specific information needed to guide and treat the person for the desired results. This analysis allows our staff to find the behavioral tendencies that led to the problems in the person’s life. These behavioral tendencies when reversed are the solution that can correct those problems in the person’s life. The profile and individualized treatment plan applied between sessions given to the person work hand in hand to give hope and healing in a timely manner.

Counseling We Offer:

Bridge of Hope Ministries provides counseling for nearly every situation. 

The following is a partial listing of the types of counseling we offer.

  • Personal Counseling (Any age, for anything)

  • Parenting Counseling (Creating an environment that is conducive to healthy child development)

  • Marital Counseling (Help with navigating through the challenges of communication, sex & money)

  • Premarital Counseling (Preparing a solid foundation, and gaining readiness for future hindrances)

  • Relationship Counseling (Help with character qualities conducive to healthy interaction)

  • Trauma / PTSD / Grief Counseling (Help to overcome feelings associated with them.)

What you can expect with Bridge of Hope counseling:

Bridge of Hope Ministries has designed methods of healing that help people function at an optimal level.  We achieve over a 90% success rate by focusing on your issue(s) and applying the solution(s) to change them.  When you attend your counseling session there are several things you can expect.


    1. We determine the personality traits and behavioral tendencies of each person.

    2. Homework applied between sessions keeps the person connected to the process

        and moving along quickly toward hope, healing and a better life.

    3. Persons who are experiencing Trauma, PTSD, or Grief may receive EMDR, 

        Tapping, or Play Therapy.

    4. The person receives training to use Self-Regulate Techniques for anxiety,

        depression and feelings of being out of control which they can use anytime.

    5. For persons feeling stuck and in survival mode Goal Setting is used to create 

        movement in client's life so they can function at a higher level.

    6. Our methods identify Triggers and Root Issues that are in the person’s life and

        apply treatments designed to fully help the person recover and overcome their


    7. We analyze your Emotional health to find vulnerable areas and help the person         become a whole again.


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Dr. Fabing has over five decades of counseling experience involving simple and complex issues. He has counseled in  various venues as well as private practice. His methods have brought healing and restoration to people.



  Dr. Raymond Fabing, PhD., LPC