Bridge of Hope Ministries was founded to bring hope and healing to the whole person: Spirit, Soul and Body. 

Our staff provides counseling, restoration, ministering to those who want to bring change to their life.

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Our mission is to be an instrument of “. . . God himself, the God peace who makes you holy and whole, and will do so in your spirit, soul, and body.  He said he would do it and he will do it!”   (1 Thessalonians 5:23 as adapted from MSG)

If you want change in your life you will find Bridge of Hope Ministries has been called by God to provide caring and compassionate services to make a difference in the life of each individual, family, pastor or group in a pleasant environment.


       and Workshops


Restoration of Body, Mind,

and Spirit


Through our compassionate approach we identify root causes and develop straightforward steps to recovery.  This coupled with Bridge of Hope's individualized growth plans, will help you live your best life at an accelerated pace!


Designed to meet your specific needs

-Understanding Emotions

    (Adult and Children's


-Divorce Recovery

-Spiritual Gifts

-Hope for Children of Divorce

-Sensory, Executive 

  Functioning, Autism  


-Caregiver Trauma

Extended Ministry Services

Hope Institute

Interested in learning how to help others overcome life’s issues? Bridge of

Hope's extensive 

Hope Institute will help you to understand the deeper things of God and the practical techniques which 

will enable you to have a successful and fulfilling restoration ministry!

Church Revitalization

Tired of church growth stagnating or even worse... declining?  Bridge of Hope's Church Revitalization program can give you the training and tools needed to reverse this trend in your church!

Mediation Services

In the middle of a dispute with an individual?  Looking for a low cost, quick resolution?  Then look no further!  Mediation services provided by Bridge of Hope can help you resolve disputes with legal counsel available.

Pastor Respite
5 Day program for Sensory, Executive Functioning, and Autism Spectrum
Chronic Pain Issues

Our pastor respite is a Godly, peaceful, relaxed environment for solitude, rest, encouragement and site-seeing is available.  Adequate space to relax in quiet comfort with excellent accommodations beginning with a meal Sunday evening and 

breakfast each morning .

As children grow older, higher order skills  such as problem solving, self correction, and multi-tasking

do not always

develop. When these skills are lacking, behavior can be difficult to address.  During the five day program the child will experience a specially designed three step process that will change their life.

Pain issues can negatively effect a person.  Life can be a struggle when pain effects your daily movement. Even simple things can become a challenge. That is why we have we have assembled a holistic interdisciplinary

team to help people improve their health by improving or removing their pain.

Clutter, Hoarding, Chronic Disorganization 

Your stuff!  It can interfere with your life. Clutter, hording and chronic disorganization can control your life and keep you from enjoying the best of life. Get organized and see the difference in your life.

Marriage Intensives

Designed by Bridge of Hope to strengthen 

marriages.  During the five days the couple will experience nine

counseling sessions, specifically designed

homework, and free time to reconnect.

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