Shelly Jones

How Did You Find Out About Bridge of Hope Ministries?  When in the spring of 2017, we experienced a heartbreaking family crisis in the church in which my husband, John, pastors. We didn't know what to do. A man's wife had taken the couple's young daughter and left, having given up on their marriage. The problems facing them were many and complex, and seemingly insurmountable.

We were at a loss. Our church was praying fervently for this family and thanks to a recommendation from Paul Eye, former Associate Pastor of Potosi Southern Baptist Church, the husband agreed to go to counseling with Dr. Raymond Fabing. This husband was very open and teachable and welcomed John into the sessions. As John listened to the wisdom Dr. Fabing exhibited in dealing with this young man, John came to feel very strongly that Dr. Fabing was anointed and led by the Holy Spirit, and that not only could he be God's instrument in helping to restore this family, but also be instrumental in helping us as a married couple to better relate to one another, as well as better equipping us to minister to those in our congregation.

How Has Bridge of Hope Ministries Changed Your Life? We went through a series of counseling sessions as well as taking "Understanding Your Emotions." along with our 17 year old daughter. During this time, our church was going through some tremendous upheaval, yet thanks to the experienced guidance and encouragement of Dr. Fabing and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, we were able to apply much of what we were learning to our situation and steer through some very stormy waters safely, gaining victory and some great experience through the midst of it all.

We enrolled in the Hope Institute course of study which equips church leaders and lay leaders, through training and counseling in restoration, to be caregivers in the Body of Christ. Together, my husband and I completed the course, having seen its tremendous positive impact in not only the family (which by the way, was completely restored and is now expecting their second child), which first led us to Bridge of Hope Ministries, but also in our own lives and the lives of others we have sent to Dr. Fabing. The weekly classes proved to be very encouraging and helpful to our ministry as well as having the added bonus of having a weekly "date" in which we could learn and grow together as ministry partners and as a couple.

How Are You Involved with Bridge of Hope Ministries? We continue to be involved with Bridge of Hope Ministries, having hosted a leadership training conference at our church, Cadet Baptist, earlier this year, and we are looking forward to hosting the Men's Monthly Meetings beginning in July. 

We also continue to point others in need of good biblical counseling to Bridge of Hope Ministries, as well as to the Understanding Your Emotions class, having just benefitted from our younger five children having taken the children's version.

We truly believe that Dr. Fabing has been an answer to our prayers for a part of the Body of Christ which is so vital, that of godly, experienced counselors that can help us apply the wisdom of the Word in practical ways to our lives, For that, we praise God.

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