How Did You Find Out About Bridge of Hope Ministries? I found out about Bridge of Hope Ministries from Jerry Jensen on the first night I attended Celebrate Recovery in Park Hills in December of 2016. I had been working for the past two and a half years at Centerpointe Intensive Outpatient Program in South County and decided it was about time to check out Celebrate Recovery. Initially, I was hired by Centerpointe to work with people addicted to opiates and we required people to participate in a 12-step program so they would have continuity once we discharged them. By December, I was managing clients with all addictions, because of a work slowdown.

How Has Bridge of Hope Ministries Changed Your Life? I needed to find a position with a Christian counseling program. I remembered Jerry mentioning Bridge of Hope Ministries. I googled it and sent in a resume.

How Are You Involved With Bridge of Hope Ministries? Dr. "Ray" (Fabing) called me and invited me to meet him. We hit it off right away, like twin brothers of different mothers. We spent a few weeks going through the Temperament Survey and then several weeks more preparing for The Legacy Ranch (boys' home) and for my assisting him with Bridge of Hope Ministries. It was like God restored all the years the locusts had eaten between when I had my own private practice and now. It has brought so much joy to me as I have met so many wonderful people associated with Dr. "Ray". I cannot tell you how much that alone has meant to me. I am having so much fun engaged in this ministry with you all. Dr. "Ray" is the balm from Gilead to me. What a blessing!

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