How Did You Find Out About Bridge of Hope Ministries? In 2005, my brother was experiencing marriage difficulties. His wife had left home and he was extremely concerned. I was concerned as well and I spoke with his daughter about the situation. A friend of hers recommended Dr. Raymond Fabing as a person with whom my brother might consult. My brother followed through with the suggestion and was pleased with the guidance he received.

How Has Bridge of Hope Ministries Changed Your Life? For some time, I had been experiencing flashbacks pertaining to my failed marriage and the aftermath of poor choices I had made. I thought back to my brother's positive experience at Bridge of Hope Ministries and I made an appointment to discuss the situation with Dr. Fabing. This led to extensive counseling over a two year period. Near the end of that time period, Dr. Fabing suggested that I complete Hope Institute which I did within the next nine months.

My sessions with Dr. Fabing, and the fact that he considered me a person eligible to complete Hope Institute greatly increased my self-confidence. I was asked to facilitate sessions of Divorce Recovery. I accepted the challenge.

How Are You Involved with Bridge of Hope Ministries? I now serve on the Board of Directors of Bridge of Hope Ministries. I am pround to hold this position. I am an active part of the services offered by Bridge of Hope Ministries. I am currently the facilitator of a series of workshops entitled "Prime Time Health". (Feel free to ask me more about this as I would love to tell you!)

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