About Restoration Mediation

A Restoration Mediator acts as a peacemaker between two or more people, to settle a dispute.

Our focus is on the quickest, least expensive, and most fair outcome for all concerned.

"Our courts are not equipped to deal with the personal side of conflict. The adversarial process is designed to resolve legal issues, not to reconcile people or help them change the attitudes and habits that lead to conflict. In fact, lawsuits usually drive people further apart and often ingrain the beliefs and behavior that lead to controversy."

“Peacemaker” by Ken Sande

Mediation WILL...

  • Avoid Expensive Attorney Fees
  • Avoid Long, Drawn Out Contention
  • Avoid Prolonged Anxiety
  • Promote Pragmatic And Workable Outcomes
  • Be A Constructive Dialogue

Mediation WILL NOT...

  • Create Dissension
  • Blame or Find Fault
  • Point Fingers
  • Be A Formal Fact Finder
  • Shame and Blame
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