Client Treatment Plan

Dr. Raymond Fabing, L.P.C.

Dr. Fabing knows that healing from psychological, emotional and spiritual pain comes from first clearly identifying the root issue of the problem.  This can be done by honestly defining the wrong done, hurtful nature, sin focus or what event is inhibiting the most high functioning of the client.

Pinpointing of identifying the root problem and defining it then leads to confronting it.  

Client treatment then simply is moving from the initial point A to B to C to D to E on a continuum until the client reaches a point of overcoming the initial struggle or pain.  Many would term this an unexpected crisis or sudden realization of a type of trauma. 

At Bridge of Hope Ministries we have an extremely high success rate of healing.  This over ninety percent rate is due to our Intake Personality Profile which gives the client tendencies to various psychological, emotional and spiritual responses.  We also give homework at each session to keep the client connected to the process.

In addition, we do trauma work related to any type of trauma, P.T.S.D. or grief, which is often overlooked in therapy.  The effect and affect awareness of trauma, not negating it occurred, and training in EMDR all help clients overcome their pain.

More than half of counseling clients that attend Bridge of Hope Ministries have previously been to at least one other helper and did not feel the root issue was identified or treated.  Our Client Treatment Plan is also used in our teaching and training programs.

The profile and the homework together keep the client connected to the process. This causes the problem to be solved in a timely manner by allowing us to pinpoint the main issues from the start.

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