Marriage as God Intended

Contents of Course

   Session I  
 A. Covenant:  Defined/Discussed Results:  You get God's best
B. Commitment:  Defined/Discussed Results:  You Stick with it 
 C. Content:  Defined/Discussed Results:  What is God doing in you?
 D. Six habits that will create happily married couples.  
 E. Resolving conflict, increasing intimacy = Being present  
 F. The Big 3- Communication, Sex, Money  


  Session II 
   Negative Self-Talk
   Positive Self-Talk
   Understanding Your Emotions
   Ten Cognitive Distortions

  Session III 
 A. Considering the Variables
  *Temperament profile

B. Defining Focus
  *Love Languages
   *His needs, Her needs
 C. Interesting Realizations
   *Environment before/after marriage
   *Traumatic Events
  *Thinking styles

  Session IV 
A.  Starting to process
      Variables, Focus, Realizations
B. Which lens are you looking through?
C. The Bottom line
      You and God

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Dr. Fabing has a unique way of encouraging others by equipping the saints with tools to identify problem areas in our lives, restoring us to completeness and encouraging us to a victorious life in the Lord. His warm and pleasant personality only made it a pleasure to have him speak at our church."  Lorraine Sova; Racine, Wisconsin

"I found your insight into family and marriage relationships to be very deep. I feel that you had your fingers on the pulse of the cause of problems, a very good understanding of those problems and the proper solution to those problems using Christian principles."  Ray Morgan; Granite City, Illinois

"I have found Dr. Fabing to be a man of extreme integrity and work ethics. Dr. Fabing has organized and conducted numerous conferences where he has trained numerous pastors in the areas of administration, counseling and care giving. His approach is not only thorough, but on a level that anyone can easily absorb the information."  Dr. Harry Drennan; Cypress, Texas

"I have been employed by a Fortune 100 corporation for the past 18 years and I am on their management team. Dr. Fabing is the most professional person that I’ve dealt with in all of my experience in leadership."  Brent Niswonger; Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"I was immediately struck by Dr. Fabing’s hard work, commitment and sincerity to provide quality services in the social service and mental health field. His outstanding work in the religious community and his church have come to my attention on numerous occasions."  Howard Rosenthal, EDD; St. Charles, Missouri

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