Staff Spotlight

How Did You Find Out About Bridge of Hope Ministries? In 2012, I moved back to Missouri and was looking for a counselor for myself and my family. I made many telephone calls and asked many questions searching for just the right counselor. When I called Bridge of Hope Ministries, Dr. Raymond Fabing answered. I was surprised that the 'doctor' answered his own phone. I was even more surprised by his straight-forward answers to my questions. I really liked that he began his counseling with a personality profile. ( I am a certified Human Behavior Consultant so I know just how vital it is to understand personalities.)

In spite of the fact that Dr. Fabing said everything right, I didn't set up an appointment. I was skeptical that he really wasn't just who he portrayed himself to be.

How Has Bridge of Hope Ministries Changed Your Life? Several months later and still without a counselor, I called Bridge of Hope Ministries once again. Guess who answered the phone this time? Yes the 'doctor'! After he sailed through my interrogation, I decided to make an appointment. The day of the appointment came and my family and I arrived to interview the 'doctor'. He probably didn't know what to think when we walked through the door! Obviously he passed the test. Dr. Fabing has not only been our counselor, but also he has become our friend. He is genuine and the same today as he was five years ago when we met him. He has a heart for serving the Lord while helping people.

How Are You Involved with Bridge of Hope Ministries? Five years, many sessions of individual, marriage and family counseling and several classes later, here we are volunteering with the ministry. We are blessed to have Dr. Fabing and Bridge of Hope Ministries in our lives!

Staff Spotlight


Kim Brawley


I learned of Bridge of Hope Ministries from a friend when I was searching for a counselor.   My family has utilized individual counseling (including EMDR therapy), marriage counseling, consultation services and many of the workshops, seminars and conferences.  I believe in Bridge of Hope Ministries’ vision and decided to volunteer to help them achieve their goals.

   As brochure and newsletter managing editor, I am able to apply my background in secretarial work, as a librarian and as a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and provide support with office work.  

 I am looking forward to assisting Bridge of Hope Ministries to achieve their goals.  

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