Staff Spotlight


Jan Ericson

Prayer Team

 My calling is to support Bridge of Hope Ministries in prayer. I first met Dr. Fabing at a promise keepers conference in St. Louis in the late 90's when I signed up as a volunteer for the prayer room.  Dr. Fabing was in charge of the prayer ministry.  Since that time I have attended multiple courses and conferences in Bridge of Hope Ministries.  Dr Fabing and I have often prayed weekly for specifics of God's work on earth, Bridge of Hope Ministries and for him and his wife Angela's concerns.  I pray daily for these above items.

 My need for restoration began as the only child of alcoholic parents who divorced when I was nine.  I still remember a scared little boy hearing them argue into the night.  I, too, later succumbed to alcoholism.  I began Alcoholics Anonymous recovery in 1975, not knowing God.  His mercy, grace, the testimony of others in Christ, the wooing of the Holy Spirit and the Parable of the Prodigal led me to receive Jesus eight years later.  I began intercessory prayer for others.  I am presently in my 80's and I’ve been sober over half my life!


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