Hope Institute

At Bridge of Hope Ministries our goal is to present Biblical concepts for training, teaching and counseling for restoration of the spirit, soul and body.

Hope Institute is a series of nine courses designed to guide those who are called to help others and for those who seek the deeper things of God.

The courses will show how to use the Word of God along with practical techniques to intervene and overcome problems.

Each course was specifically developed as a result of unfulfilled needs.

Courses may be taken at our office, your location or by correspondence.  Register today as an individual, as a team or with a large group.

  • The courses are comparable to college courses with questions/responses for accountability.
  • Biblical preaching and teaching seldom has follow-up.
  • Low cost, at your pace, certificate program 

Realized in 1990 Christians had few options to be trained caregivers but were often put in situations they were not equipped for.

Hope Institute:  A Lifetime of Value for any caregiver

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Sample Course Outline

  1. Introduction:   Learn about the enabling power of the Holy Spirit ; how the Holy Spirit makes us overcomers; what the Bible is; a generic counseling format and how Jesus counseled.
  2. The Ministry of Encouragement
  3. Organizing the Counseling Effort
  4. Concerns for Counseling
  5. Basics of Counseling
  6. Learning How to Counsel

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What Our Professional Colleagues Are Saying

"I want to thank you again for the time you spent with me.  I probably learned more from you in three hours than I did in six months of graduate school."          St. Peters, MO

"I thank you for your book, it is excellent!  Session one was so informative to me, every session is, again I say excellent."                                                        Kansas City, KS

"It seems to me that what you are doing is of immense importance and certainly relevant to church setting today".                                                           Michigan

"Dr Fabing is a spirit-filled man who truly has a shepherd's heart.  One seminar Dr. Fabing held was Practical Intervention:  How To Care For Others In A Christian Way.  This seminar was a tremendous blessing to all who attended and now months later our staff is still using these valuable tools in our ministry for Jesus Christ".                                                                                                   Joplin, MO


Contact Bridge Of Hope

Appointments can be made to meet the scheduling needs of the client.

(573) 701-9861

email:   staff@thebridgeofhope.net

If no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message and someone will call you back in a timely manner.

What People are Saying about Hope Institute

"I am so grateful to God for you.  I do not know anyone that has so much wisdom and boldness.  You are awesome!"

"This is a very detailed (intense) course that teaches strong Christian fundamentals."

"A basis for further study and courses."

"I have learned not to be emotional and attached to the situation and person."

"One of the most fascinating classes I've ever taken."

"Want to know more."

"Learning there's hope."

"Good solid foundation that was based on the Word of God."

"The Holy Spirit was able to administer some truths to me through your teaching and Practical Intervention."

"I just want to express my appreciation for the many blessings and the counseling intervention skills that you so adequately taught.  I will instill them into my mind and heart, and with the help of the Lord, be an instrument in the restoration of others."

"I recently read a booklet written by Dr. Raymond L. Fabing on How to Care For Others In A Christian Way, Practical Intervention, Jesus The Counselor.  I appreciated the practical application of scripture and how it relates to dealing with our emotions and behavior on a daily basis."


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