Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling

I am calling it "The best little counseling book in the world". Dr. Raymond Fabing

Book Contents Audio Sessions

Unit I: An Introduction To Pastoral Counseling Disc 01: Introduction: How Jesus Counseled

Chapter 1: The Basics of Counseling Disc 02: Ministry of Encouragement

Chapter 2: The Ministry of Encouragement Disc 03: Organizing the Counseling Effort

Chapter 3: Organizing the Counseling Effort Disc 04: Concerns of Counseling

Unit II: Developing Counseling Skills Disc 05: Basics of Counseling

Chapter 4: Concerns & Specific Areas of Counseling Disc 06: Learning How to Counsel

Chapter 5: The Basics of Counseling and Stress Disc 07: The Local Church

Chapter 6:  Learning How to Counsel Disc 08: Stages of Counseling

The Missing Link: Temperament Disc 09: Crisis Intervention

Disc 10: How to Modify Behavior

Disc 11: Communication Skill

Disc 12: Understanding Temperament



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