Leadership= Ministry Development EQi (Pastors, Elders, & Ministry Leaders)

Leadership 360 = Church Growth EQi

Workplace = Individual EQi ( personal or work)

Workplace 360 = Personal EQi with group raters

Group/Team = Individual results and an overall group/team results

Marriage = Personal EQi

Counseling = Available for any profile.

From the President:

The model for emotional intelligence (EQ) has 5 composite areas and 15 sub-scales. EQ is everything IQ is not. IQ is innate and only develops through the early part of life. EQ can be developed throughout life to increase how well you function. The key to improve performance and well-being is to identify where your emotional and social functions are presently and to be able to balance the 15 sub-scales.

Dr. Fabing has been trained and certified in emotional intelligence. Profiles can be taken for individuals, workplace, students (16 or older, including college students) group, leadership and the 360 for workplace or leadership. The 360 is for defining where the particular identifiers are in a group.


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