Raymond Fabing prophecy by Bob Jones in Independence, MO

June 16th, 1990

Others present: Ray Morgan, Harry Demetrilius, Gary Schmitz

"The devil has gone too far with you. He's been punching at your heart. Breaking you up on the inside.

The weeping you have been doing at night cleanses your soul. You're out of all self-centeredness and out of all ambition. All that's left is love, a warm teachable heart and no resistance to the Kingdom. The hard licks have broken the hard heart.

Seek the anointing and proclaim it. Revelation is coming to you. You can hear from heaven and be sensitive to it. Don't judge your fruits.

You are a living testimony of "know-so" faith. You are built for quiet confidence in "RHEMA". Your balance and covering are all in the works.

God's pruning your emotions to the center of your being. Your kidneys are being cleaned out in the innermost man. Don't let emotions interfere with your anointing. Cross pollinate with Ray Morgan because he is a burden-bearer and has a sense of discernment.

You must leave all anxiety behind you along with selfishness, fear, doubt and hardness of heart. The brokenness cry came to break you. Brokenness minus understanding equals hopelessness. Brokenness with understanding equals hopefulness. Surrender to the breaking.

Your heart has been circumcised. Your vision has direction. Be sensitive to the voice of God. Don't be surprised if you hear His audible voice. 

Make no quick decisions, but experience total discipline."


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