Pastor Recommendations


"It's my absolute pleasure to recommend Dr. Raymond Fabing, President of Bridge of Hope Ministries. I have known Dr. Fabing for more than three years and value his counseling services. He is my "go-to guy" when a referral is needed. In the past three years, I have referred a number of unique counseling needs to Dr. Fabing, many of which have reported to me great success. Dr. Fabing is easy to talk to and at the same time very efficient. Most recently I had Dr. Fabing come and help me with some staff development. Our 11 person team, as well as myself, thoroughly enjoyed the services he provided. His knowledge of personality profiles and office dynamics served as a huge advantage for my team. His expertise coupled with his experience in ministry makes his a truly valuable asset for any church staff. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Dr. Raymond Fabing and his ministry team to any individual or organization."

- Randy Sawyer (2017)

Lead Pastor

Calvary Church, Fredericktown, Missouri


"I became acquainted with Dr. Fabing through a mutual pastor friend five years ago. I went through a tough session in my life and sought out his counseling service. He helped in a very practical yet profound way. We have since become friends and I will say that he has a heart for pastors. His desire for pastors to be healthy in mind, body and spirit is evident to me. As a result I have gone through his nine Hope Institute courses and have found this to be a valuable resource in equipping me to be a pastor to the people I care about the most, my Church. I believe it is giving me the ability to complete the race that God has set before me."

 - Cody Royer (2017)

Pastor of Celebrate Recovery

Southeast Missouri State Representative  for Celebrate Recovery

Calvary Church, Fredericktown, Missouri


"Spiritual growth is the most important part of a Christian's life. Dr. Fabing is a great friend, mentor and counselor, not only to me, but to many people I know. I am looking forward, as a Pastor to senior adults, to implementing Dr. Fabing's Ministry Development and Church Growth ideas and knowledge. I'm sure that these facts will prove themselves to be valuable and supportive of God's Word and Biblical Truths. I have also found Dr. Fabing to be rich in wisdom as I have experienced personal counseling and received great encouragement from this Godly man. Not just myself, but other members of my family, have found his counseling ministry to be very beneficial to our daily lives, especially our spiritual and emotional well being. I am honored to know Dr. Fabing and especially honored to know Jesus Christ, the counselor from Whom he finds his knowledge and wisdom. Dr. Fabing does nothing short, through his powerful ministry, of pointing everyone he comes in contact with, to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank you, Dr. Fabing, for your service of loving people where they are and caring enough that they wouldn't want to stay there."

 - Tommy Fults (2017)

Pastor to Senior Adults

Calvary Church, Fredericktown, Missouri


"Dr. Fabing and Bridge of Hope Ministries are such a blessing to our area. The quality of the program he has put together is outstanding. As as pastor, I am often asked to do counseling with individuals and families. I always tell them I am not a professional counselor, however I do know a good one. Bridge of Hope is the only local counseling service I have found that truly gets to the root of the problem using a Christian based approach. For this reason, I refer all of these inquiries to him."

 - Lennie Fincher (2017)


The Missing Peace Church, Park Hills, Missouri


" I learned about Bridge of Hope Ministries when a friend at the church in which I was on staff shared with me about a counselor she had met at a health fair. She thought the counselor, Dr. Fabing, could be someone that I could refer others to. I immediately knew one person that needed to see him and that was me. Having had some difficult life experiences in ministry has left me searching for renewal, encouragement and emotional healing. Dr. Fabing identified my wounded, inner self and the things which had led me to this point in my life. The best part was finding a real solution. As we worked together, I found the healing I needed to become mentally and emotionally healthy again. During my counseling sessions, I shared with Dr. Fabing some of the research I have done in trying to understand myself. After he reviewed my research, he asked me to share my findings at Bridge of Hope Ministries' conferences. I find it rewarding and a privilege to encourage others who have experienced similar things I have and bring them close to healing. I continue to recommend people to Dr. Fabing. After applying his methods, they are finding what I found: a changed life. As part of the Bridge of Hope Ministries' team, I hope to continue to hear of many others who find healing and begin a new healthy life." 

 - Paul Eye (2017)

Potosi, Missouri


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