About Dr. Raymond Fabing, LPC

I would like to share a story with you about a young boy. This boy was lost but finally found his way to God.

This boy was born into a family that did not know how to communicate with one another about their feelings. He was often confused, frustrated and lonely. He felt as if he were all alone and no one was there for him.

While he struggled through his college years, he did not quit and during his junior year he had a vision of helping those with no place to go. He decided to continue his education in order to earn a Master's degree in Guidance and Counseling. This desire and dedication to preparation needed to help others was proceeding while the young man was still not a believer in Christ.

Finally, at age 29, he came to Christ at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes conference. He then started attending church, still feeling as if no one could help him deal and overcome the emotional pain he still felt. Finally  help could only come from God himself.  He then began spending many hours in the woods by himself memorizing comforting scriptures from the Word of God. It was soon after this, on October 20, 1985 that he was called to the ministry of restoration. In 1986 he started the Word Tabernacle Church and began teaching at a Bible College.

The step on the young man's journey to help others was to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. He knew by doing this and putting it together with God's Word he would be able to help more people deal with their pain.  



Dr. Raymond Fabing has over 40 years of experience in training, teaching and counseling.

He is an ordained minister, Licensed Professional Counselor and has been a pastor.


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