Staff Spotlight


John & Carolyn Scharkey

John: Vice President of Executive Support, Carolyn: Counselor


 We became Dr. Fabings main helpers in the church when he was as pastor in St. Louis.  Beginning January 1999, Dr. Fabing has given us much good counsel to help prepare to be part of Bridge of Hope Ministries.  We took Hope Institute, understanding you emotions and Divorce Recovery, attended and taught multiple conferences through the years.  We have taught Marriage as God Intended, God's Call to Manhood and God's Call to Womanhood.  Carolyn has prepared God's Call to Womanhood for Hope Institute.  We have been involved in multiple studies with Dr. Fabing on the deeper issues of restoration for God's people.

I am a retired business professional, skilled trainer of staff development and communications skills.  Carolyn credits the National Federation of the Blind for inspiring her to accept the educational challenges she would face in earning a degree in social work from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.  Carolyn has authored a book, “Garden of My Heart,” which is available in print and audio featuring her calming and comforting voice.



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