"Dr. Fabing has a unique way of encouraging others by equipping the saints with tools to identify problem areas in our lives, restoring us to completeness and encouraging us to a victorious life in the Lord. His warm and pleasant personality  made it a pleasure to have him speak at our church."                                          

- Lorraine Sova; Racine, Wisconsin

"I found your insight into family and marriage relationships to be very deep. I feel that you had your fingers on the pulse of the cause of problems, a very good understanding of those problems and the proper solution to those problems using Christian principles."  

-Ray Morgan; Granite City, Illinois

"I have found Dr. Fabing to be a man of extreme integrity and work ethics. Dr. Fabing has organized and conducted numerous conferences where he has trained numerous pastors in the areas of administration, counseling and care giving. His approach is not only thorough, but on a level that anyone can easily absorb the information."  

-Dr. Harry Drennan; Cypress, Texas

"I have been employed by a Fortune 100 corporation for the past 18 years and I am on their management team. Dr. Fabing is the most professional person that I’ve dealt with in all of my experience in leadership."  

-Brent Niswonger; Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"I was immediately struck by Dr. Fabing’s hard work, commitment and sincerity to provide quality services in the social service and mental health field. His outstanding work in the religious community and his church have come to my attention on numerous occasions."  

-Howard Rosenthal, EDD; St. Charles, Missouri

"Since surrendering to Pastoral Minister over 9 years ago, I have found the challenge of counseling to be very demanding and necessary. I have been so refreshed and strengthened and also very enlightened by Dr. Fabing's back. I really appreciate the consistency of his biblical focus throughout all areas and the refreshing balance of practical needs that need to be addressed in a person's whole nature of body, soul, and spirit. Thank you Dr. Fabing."  

-Pastor John Jones, Cadet Baptist Church

" A " wake up" call to the counseling student, practitioner. and experienced counselor. Dr. Fabing's work is an obvious call from God. His work shows his passion and understanding for developing a practice filled with the Holy Spirit. A wonderful reminder of the importance of letting God lead the way in all we do. A "truthful" inspiration to me personally and for building my counseling foundation." 

-Valerie Wagganer, Missouri Baptist University, Masters of Arts Counseling, 2017 Internship through Dr. Raymond Fabing.


"Dr. Fabing's book "Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling" titled The Missing Link is an  extraordinary piece of professional work. This book is a valuable resource in any counseling effort as well as for anyone seeking guidance, understanding, and encouragement. It's real life; It's biblical so we know it's the facts; and it's encouraging to the self and other in renewing the mind. If you haven't purchased this book, do so. You wont regret it." 

-Valerie Wagganer, Missouri Baptist University, Masters of Arts Counseling, 2017 Internship through Dr. Raymond Fabing.


"This book has been extremely helpful to me and my counseling with in my ministry Celebrate Recovery. Within its pages are helpful tips and techniques ( biblically based) that helps people who are struggling and seek God for their healing and recovery. My favorite section is Developing Counseling Skills. I have read this book at least 4 times. There is so much helpful information in it, that I don't know that reading it once, you'll comprehend everything within it. But realistically how could you, from a man who has over 50 years of counseling experience? Going back and reviewing the pages, will keep you greatly usable for the kingdom. This is part of the Great Commission..You will enjoy this book, repeatedly."

-Jerry Jensen, Director of Celebrate Recovery, First Free Will Baptist Church, Park Hills, MO


" Dr. Fabing's CD's cover the Fundamentals of Pastoral Counseling. These 12 CDs cover areas such as How Jesus Counseled, Ministry of Encouragement, The Local Church, Crisis Intervention, How to Modify Behavior, and Understanding Temperament. These CDs are clear to hear, have simple instruction, the explanations are down to earth and in real-life format ans most importantly, all are bible based with reference to scripture. We, as humans, can sometimes miss the little things. This tragedy since God made things simple for us to understand. God does not make little things complicated, we do. This set helps to guide us and open us to a spot that God intended us to be.....Connected to him and his plan. For me, this series gave me a renewed mind; a fresh sense of who I am and hoe to help others the way God intended it to be; and a sound reference to God's word. I highly recommend these CD's for anyone looking for a bit of joy, a little more hope, and a lot of encouragement." 

-Valerie Wagganer, Missouri Baptist University, Masters of Arts Counseling, 2017 Internship through Dr. Raymond Fabing.

"Hope Institute is like no other to better your education in biblical counseling. I have found a true education in teaching me to understand people and why they are wired like they are by understanding their temperaments and personalities. When we see the true person, and who they are, it is only then when we are able to help them past whatever hurt they have stored from their past, or going through at the time. With this kind of understanding we are able to love as Christ loves and see their person as He does which gives us a chance to teach them of Him and His ways. The Word of God is totally adequate for guiding a person to principles that will help them OVERCOME any problem....and there is NO problem that cannot be overcome with the right tools and techniques. This is the tools that Hope Institute teaches.

I have put my education into practice and finding great success with the tools that I now possess. Not only do I get to use the knowledge in my ministry ( as a Youth Minister) but i'm using it in teaching others in conferences, outreaches, and in family camps. Hope Institute has better equipped me in helping others to grow and move forward in their lives. "

Thank you Hope Institute for CARING and HELPING all of God's people!

-Jane Parker, Youth Ministry Director, Youth Minister


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